Automotive parts

We offer our customers all over the world a wide range of engine parts for cars and trucks. These include for example bolts, fuel pump plungers, valve spring plates, valve timing screws, bushings, gaskets, synchronizer rings, compression springs, tension springs, valve lifters, kingpins, steering levers, brake parts, gear parts, ball bearings, special nuts, rocker shafts, banjo bolts, lock screws, locknuts, castle nuts, piston pins, cylinder head bolts and many more  parts which are needed for the repair or maintenance of engines and vehicles.

Moreover, we provide our support with regards to engine parts, which are not or hardly available at the original manufacturers.

Also do to not hesitate to send us a request for spare parts for young- and oldtimers.

For all request, please contact us  preferably via contact  form or email and provide us with the original cress-reference number, the name and the needed quantities of the respective parts.

Automobile Teile